Help us bring Wild Fed Horse Feed to a store near you!!!

Help us bring Wild Fed Horse Feed to a store near you!!!

Let's talk about horse feed!
We hear from you all the time! We get lots of questions about how you can buy Wild Fed Horse Feed if there is not a nearby store selling it. Here are some answers and with a little help from you we can do our best to bring it to a store near you! Read on!
Do you want to be able to purchase Wild Fed Horse Feed but no one carries it in your area? 

If you live within an hour of a feed store that carries our feed already, we cannot set up an account with you or another feed store in your area (we give our feed stores a protected range).

If you live over an hour away from a feed store that carries our feed, please cut and paste the questions below into an email and answer them. We will get back to you with a price quote. AND! We will begin the process of reaching out to your local feed store about carrying our products! If you will also make the request on your end, it will expedite the process! 

Your Name:
Has your horse tried Wild Fed horse feed?
Are you interested in purchasing a pallet (50 bags) to be delivered to you directly?
Are you interested in getting the feed into your local feed store?
What is the name of your local feed store?
How many horses do you have?
How many pounds of the horse feed do you think you would be feeding/day?
Name of Town and Zip code where the feed would be delivered? (to get a shipping quote)
Email? (so we can send you a price quote)