Our 1st place winner is beautiful Grey and her person, Sara Garner. 

Here is Grey's story which is as powerful as this striking image.

 "I first heard of Wild Fed on when the founder of the company was a guest on a podcast and I knew this was the food I had been looking for for my mare. She has always struggled with weight and this helped her! Not to mention the great ingredients in it. 

My mare had a crazy allergic reaction last summer from what we assume was a bee sting. She was covered in hives and her throat closed and her lungs filled with blood. Blood was pouring out of her nose. She almost died, but they were able to do a tracheotomy which saved her life. She spent four days at the vet and we brought over her grain while she stayed there. She loves it soupy. All the vets and staff kept saying how much she loves her grain and that they had never seen a horse eat, or in her case, slurp down their grain so fast and I know it’s because it had Wild Fed in it.

This photo was take two months after her allergic reaction when we had to evacuate from the fire that was on the top of our mountain.

As you can imagine, going from having your lungs filled with blood to having them filled with smoke, and her having laryngeal hemiplegia, it was very difficult. I have her inhale essential oils regularly, which help her, but she was really struggling this spring with all the pollen. That’s when I found the allergy supplements and that has really seemed to help her! Not to mention she and my other horse love it!

 WOW! A true Wild Fed Horse! Thank you and congratulations to Grey and Sara!

We are thrilled to announce that our 2nd Runner up in our Wild Fed Photo Contest is Watson, a beautiful 10 year old gelding belonging to Joanne Wolnik from Hamilton, Ontario!
We love this image and how Joanne describes Watson.
"I love WildFed feed, I give it to my horses every morning or after a ride as a treat. Watson was a finalist last year, and this picture admittedly is similar but is still different. Similar because my favorite part of the day is when I’m doing my morning herd check and he’s always the first to come around the corner to greet me. His quiet presence is something to witness, pictured here. Watson came to live with us about 4 years ago, and he has taught me so much about a horses need for autonomy. You cannot force Watson to do anything, but ask him to join politely, and he’ll do almost anything!"
Thank you and congratulations Joanne and Watson!!!
3rd place photography contest winner!
Congratulations to Ranger and Hannah Vallie for this fun photograph! We love the energy, the settings, and of course, Ranger's fine feathered friends. Thank you for using our supplements and we are so happy that you have had such great results!
Read on...
"Both of my horses were rescued in some way, shape or form. My gelding Ranger had ulcers when I first got him and we used stomach soother and never looked back. From there we started on allergy supplement in the summer months! River is the most recent to our tribe, she however has the MOST sensitive skin. I think some impart to her being on her way to a kill pen. The allergy support has been life changing for her—eliminating her chronic hives from bug bites!"
We love that your horses love Wild Fed!
We are so happy to announce our Readers' Choice winner! SO MANY of you voted and it was fun to see your choices, but this beautiful photo of Jinx, submitted by Katie Hanck, is our winner!
Katie shared her Wild Fed story and how Jinx loves his Wild Fed Horse Feed.
"Wild Fed products are amazing and have helped drastically with Jinx's allergies. Before taking the allergy support supplement, Jinx would be miserable- watery itchy eyes and consistent hives all over his body. I've seen a huge improvement. He no longer has runny eyes and hives are rare to see now. So thankful to have found this product! Jinx says thank you!"
And we say THANK YOU to Katherine and Jinx for the taking the time to enter our contest and to all of YOU for voting and sharing your enthusiasm!