A HUGE thank you to all who entered! Thank you for your sharing your love of horses and Wild Fed Horse Feed. We are so proud to be a vital part of your horse's good health! Here are our winners! It wasn't easy to choose!

The first place winner of our 2018 photo contest is Nicole Aichele from Walla Walla Washington! The judges loved this picture of her reading a book to her little filly Shmini a 6-month-old Quarter Horse. What a precious moment she caught in this photo. This is what Nichole says: "I am so thankful to have Wild Fed for Shmini to grow up on. She loves to eat Wild Fed with her mama, Salily, and is growing strong and healthy. Does my heart good to know what is going into her precious body is good for her. Thank you!" The second place winner of our 2018 photo contest is Sharon Miller of Woodsboro, Texas. The picture is of Berry her 12yo bay roan Quarter horse stallion. What a gorgeous boy he is! Sharon Says: "He used to be a reining competitor and is the sire of two gorgeous stallions."

The third place winner of our 2018 photo contest is Blythe Arviv from Agoura Hills, CA. This picture was taken during the Woolsey fire in Southern California in Nov 2018. What a sad time for horses in that area. The smoke is thick as you can see from this photo.

It took the judges a while to narrow it down....there were so many great pictures.

Here are the Honorable Mentions:

This picture was taken by Jenny Salinger from Lompoc, CA. The horse's names are KP and Whitaker. We just love this shot. It was perfectly timed. Jenny says: "Wild Fed is a crucial part of our feeding program and is beneficial to all of our horses. It helps our competition horses to feel their best and be fit and ready to shine at the shows. And it keeps our older horses at home happy, healthy, and thriving in their retirement years."

Honorable mention from the 2018 photo contest. This picture was taken by Hally Marlino from Madison, WI. This is Hidalgo, a 23yo Draft cross. We love his windswept hair and the blue sky with the fluffy clouds in the background.

Another honorable mention from the 2018 photo contest.

This photo was taken by KD from Three Forks, MT. This beautiful sunset picture is of her and her 5yo Appendix mare CJC Dash N Chic aka Piper.

Michelle Milner- Beavercreek, Oregon

Forth of July picture- stunning!


Juliette Watt- Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Juliette and Sunny having a swim- that looks like a heck of a lot of fun!

Juliette Watt- Pagosa Spring, Colorado

Juliette and Zelda having a nap


Leelynn Loessi- Ashland, Oregon

Berry 9yo Gypsy Vanner

"This girl LOVES her Wild Fed horse grain and will do anything for an extra scoop, that includes taking silly pictures"

Jenny Salinger- Lompoc, California

The picture is of Liza Horan and Cool Runnings

"We feed our whole barn Wild Fed and they all benefit from it, mares and geldings"

Billie Ann Harmon- Dublin, Texas

Photo below is my Wild Fed Horse, “Moon” and I winning 4th in the 2nd go round at Cheyenne Frontier Days 2018. 

Kate Uhlir- Mantua, Ohio

"This picture is dear to my heart. It's my pony that was purchased when I was a child. She is one of my first pony loves. Her name is Spirit. I bought her when she was only 3 years old and was blessed to have her in my life until her passing last year. This picture captures her beauty and heart. I love the rustic, natural feel the picture holds. Out of all the pictures that I took of her, this is my favorite. She is in foal in this picture, with her first and only foal, (filly) Mia."