All the horses on my farm get Wild Fed and have improved immensely. From an off the track Thoroughbred I helped rehabilitate, to my retired seniors to my in work mid teens warmblood I cannot say enough good about the product. The 31 year old pony went from dragging in from the field to the barn to almost trotting at times. He feels much better. My 25 yr old 18.1 hand Dutch Warmblood, a retired Dressage show horse, is almost completely off his NSAID as well and probably would not be here without Wild Fed. I literally buy this by the pallet! 

Katie Breshears

I am so happy to have found your feed!!! My horses have never looked or felt so good. My 14yr QH geld has always been an easy keeper but his coat and feet were always a struggle to keep healthy. I tried so many different coat and good supplements but nothing really worked. Since starting on Wildfed it's the only thing he gets ( except your Allergy and Joint ) & he has never looked so good!!! Even his weight has been the best, no hay belly. My farrier loves how his hooves are. Thanks for such an amazing product. Excited to see my new QH mare bloom on it  

Cyndi Wade

I have 7 horses each have their own individual issues, or not. I can feel this, wild fed, to every single one of them and it helps in its own unique way I'm so thankful for it. I was turned on to it by a dear friend of mine and I couldn't be happier, So thank you for creating such a pure Feed for my dear herd. In the picture are our 4yo homebred stallion, Deuces RoyalJetDeck, who I'm riding and Buck our semi retired gymkhana horse who head given his alllll to my daughter.  

R&M Quarter Horses

I can't express how much I adore this food. I run an animal sanctuary and we recently moved from NY to NC, where the grass and hay quality was greatly decreased. I felt defeated in getting my horses a nutrinally complete, and natural diet. I had searched for years for a food like this but none were available. I decided to give searching another try and you can just imagine how elated I was to find this food! Having rescues means we try to give higher quality now to make up for past depletion. Everyone loves this food and is doing incredible on it! Worth every penny!!! 

-Karuna Nicole



WildFed horse feed is an awesome product. I started feeding my 30 plus senior Rescue the feed. He gained weight but most importantly he gained muscle. He looks great! Thank you WildFed  

L. Conatser


Hello, I used your "Wild Fed Horse" when my horse colicked along with the "Stomach Soother" and it literally saved this mare's life. This was the hardest colic case I ever had in 30 yrs. She was taken off hay and was on the Wild fed only for  a month. I am so grateful for this extraordinary feed.

Warm Regards, Anne-Marie Pinter RN NMP{Natural Medicine Practitioner}



wild fed horse

I am overjoyed to find a brand with not only alignment in the vision of protecting and sharing the value of the wild, but one that can offer my horses the health required to endure hundreds of miles and train for an upcoming expedition across North America.  If you are looking to recreate the healthiest, wildest and most nutritious diet for your horse, WILD FED is the best!  It was formulated using ingredients upon which horses would naturally graze and include a wide variety of vitamins and minerals.  After my 800 mile journey, my horses' coats were glowing, they maintained their weight perfectly and were happy and balanced.  I could not have asked more from a sponsor and will always stand by this incredible feed.  Thank you WILD FED for sponsoring our last Riding Wild Expedition.

by Aniela Gottwald




Wild Fed has been an answer to many prayers. I started a search in 2017 for a feed that would align with an auto-immune diet for my mare, Blondie after she had a major downward spiral in health that the vets could no longer assist with. Her joints were huge (and I do mean huge!), her coat was dull with scabs, and she had bite marks around her belly. She was getting to the point where she could barely get around in the pasture. I myself have an autoimmune, so I started noticing her symptoms were similar to my own and that is what sparked the idea to get her on a feed that would fit into my own strict diet.

I searched the internet for days and read 50+ different “Natural” equine feed labels. One by one, I would find at least one “red flag” ingredient and would move on to the next one. I finally came across Wild Fed and was ecstatic to see that there were no red flag ingredients! I immediately called and decided whatever it took to get it for Blondie, I was in.

While Blondie was my original focus, I switched all of my eight mares to Wild Fed & Apple Cider Vinegar. One by one, their little ailments began to fade away. From my eight month old filly to my 28 year old mare, Wild Fed is the key to each of their specific needs and health. It is so easy to feed, pairs perfectly with ACV and herbs, and gives me the ability to add that extra hydration to their diet.

I have learned on this journey that natural supplements and herbs can only best work to heal the body when you stop feeding it things that grow the ailments. It’s nearly impossible to find a feed that won’t feed the disease & sickness, but with Wild Fed it’s now made available to us all, and I am so grateful!

Nicole Aichele
RootsHorseMarket, Owner & Founder
World Record Holder, 16.643 WPRA Standard Pattern 2010 - 2014
3x BRN4D World Champion



Wild fed Horse feed

When I came back to the west coast after many years competing on the east, the condition of my horses in training was not as good as I would like due to lack of adequate pasture. A student of mine introduced me to Wild Fed and we put her horse on the product. We noticed improvement in his topline and overall condition within days!!

Needless to say, now all of the horses in my program are on it. Many thanks for your fantastic product, Wild Fed!!

~ Liza Horan,
International Event Rider, Former NARYC Coach, USET 3 Time Developing Rider



Moon, Before and After

“Last winter, I had a very hard time keeping weight on my Azteca mare Moon. All the grains I found were filled with sugar, soy, and other fillers that I knew were not good for horses. I try my hardest never to give my horses processed, junk food, but hay just wasn’t cutting it for Moon at this time. When I found Wild Fed, I was so ecstatic – a natural feed where I could actually identify the ingredients. I picked up a sample, and tried some with Moon; she loved it. I’ve been giving it to my horses ever since! It’s really the only grain I will give any of them – I really love the ingredients, the product, and the company as a whole!”

– Mosie Trewhitt @littlepistolannie




Before and After

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your Wild Fed horse food. My 26 year old Arabian was unable to chew well and while I was gone for 5 weeks lost a huge amount of weight. I cried when I got home and saw him. It’s been 3 months now that I’ve been giving him your Wild Fed and he looks amazing! Thank you so much. It’s nice to have people like you in the world!

~Kathy Lively




Luna, Before and After

The transformation in my mare, Luna, has been so incredible to be apart of, and one of the main reasons for this wonderful outcome has been inspired by Wild Fed Horse Feed! I rescued Luna from the slaughter house on a wish and a whim, and when I first brought her home she was nothing but skin and bones. I tried all types of feed from multiple types of hay to specialized grain to help her gain weight which helped slightly, however nothing seemed to be making that drastic change we all look for. It wasn’t until about 5 months ago I discovered the brand Wild Fed Horse Feed from a good friend of mine and decided to give it a try! The results are priceless, even just in these short 4-5 months of feeding this brand to Luna, she’s like a completely different horse! She has blossomed into this incredible healthy, happy, playful mare! Her physical appearance is impeccable but not only that, her spirit is so much brighter! You can tell she really feels truly healthy now on the inside and out! Wild Fed has really made that difference for us in helping her become a happy horse and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to find that blossom in their horses as well!”

– Katie Berman (Katie & Luna live in Ventura County, California)



My Supreme Champion Welsh stallion Chaparral’s Te’ Quiero is now 26 years old. I was looking for a good feed to feed an older stallion without worrying about other ponies who might be insulin resistant (though he isn’t). My feed store La Cumbre Feed told me to try a sample of Wild Fed. He loved it. My husband Tom went to down to feed a brush him because I had been busy getting ready to work the Santa Barbara National Multi-Breed Show. TQ loved the brushing but was more anxious to get his Wild Fed. We loved it so much we put samples in our gift bag at the S.B. National (Multi-Breed) Welsh Show. Exhibitors were thrilled to receive it!! They have all given us names of their feed stores so they can get it closer to home.

~ Diane Isaacson
Chaparral Stud Farm Santa Barbara, CA



Spotted Horse and Cassandra photo by Bri Cimino

Spotted Horse and Cassandra photo by Bri Cimino

Dear Wild Fed,

I wanted to thank you for providing a great feed for our herd. I am Cassandra Ogier, founder/director of The Reflective Horse, providing Equine Therapy Programs and Somatic Riding training at our home base at Mesa Ranch in Topanga Canyon. We have the pleasure of caring for 13 horses and 1 Mammoth Donkey. Our web site is

We’ve been buying Wild Fed since Aug. 2014, initially to try out the feed as it had come highly recommended by a fellow local horsewoman. We are now regular customers. Wild Fed has helped a number of our horses in recovery and for health and weight maintenance. Specifically Bandit, a quarter horse paint of who after surgery for a tumor in his sinus track, had lost condition and weight. Wild Fed quickly improved his condition over a period of a few months and we now supplement him as an addition to his daily feed.

Spotted horse, a quarter horse X draft, was having difficulty holding his weight after a severe tendon injury around his coffin bone and 6 months corral rest. We started him on a regime of 4 quarts of Wild Fed twice a day (plus hay) and after 2 months he was back to his normal weight of 1,200 lb. We have continued with 4 quarts every morning with his hay to maintain his overall weight and he looks fabulous.

We love that Wild Fed is a custom blend, small batch, well thought out and formulated feed with organic ingredients and no husks, fillers or over-processing that is all too common with more typical feeds. We highly recommend Wild Fed to others who share the value of high-quality, balanced feed for their horses.

~ Cassandra Ogier, CEGE, EAGALA




I first found Wild Fed while trying to put together a feed for my older horse (24 years old at the time). I have owned KP since he was 6, and was having a very hard time keeping weight on him, to the point where I was worrying I would lose him. A month after putting him on Wild Fed, he looked like a different horse. A year later, he continues to thrive on Wild Fed.

Because of the success I saw with my older horse, I decided to start my young horse (5 years old) on Wild Fed. In just a few weeks, we saw such a noticeable difference in both his topline and overall condition, that all of the other horses in our training program started on Wild Fed as well!

~ Anna Lewis
Area VI Rider




Buddy, Before and After

In October, 2015, I sent my horse Buddy to Paso Robles to retire after an injury, at my friend’s home. His favorite friend lived there, also similar in age. After about six months he started looking thinner each visit, and his mare companion was looking decidedly fatter. Although her owner denied it, she was obviously eating his senior feed/vitamins, and more than her fair share of the hay as they shared a pasture space. By September, 2016, he was looking so poorly I moved him back to Ventura County so I could take care of him again. We landed at Rancho Arnez in Oak View, CA, where he is today.

My friend Kim keeps her horses there as well, and we discussed my concern over his condition. She highly recommended Wild Fed. I looked over the information pamphlet, and was impressed by the high quality ingredients, and seeing the transformation of Kim’s horse Jessie (30+ yrs. old), I decided to give Wild Fed a try. I started feeding it in early October, 2016, and was happy to see how much he loved to eat it. He has been on it ever since.

I am so pleased at the results that I was able to achieve with this wonderful feed. My vet was pleased and impressed with the outcome, and told me recently not to get him any fatter, just maintain where he is now. I was so happy to see such excellent results, as not many products on the market today live up to what it claims. I have included pictures of him before Wild Fed and now. He has been enjoying the feed almost 7 months now.

I highly recommend this healthy, high quality feed to anyone. You can purchase it at the Wharf in Ventura, CA. Please give it a try-you won’t be sorry!

~Scotti Evans


After putting my horse on Wildfed, I noticed a notable change in both their coat, their muscle tone, and their energy levels. While they weren’t hot, (which is what a lot of feeds do), they have more endurance, which is crucial in the eventing sport.

~ Isabella Dowen
Area VI Young Rider



Wild Fed Horse Organic All Natural

Wild Fed recently sponsored us on an 800 mile Expedition ride on the Arizona Trail with our wild mustangs. As ‘ground support’ for this expedition the Mustangs overall care and well being was my priority on the list of my daily routine. We had had them on a good predominately organic nutritional regime the year prior to our departure for this long distance ride. The first most marked observation with the feeding change to Wild Fed was a palpable eagerness that both of the horses developed after approximately 4 days after switching the feed. As a general rule it takes approximately 3 days (varies from individual to individual) for any system to ‘clear’ itself of the presence of a substance, nutritionally and otherwise speaking. For the first several days after switching their feed they would leave a good amount in their feed buckets which they would slowly pick away at. I could sense the other feed had fillers etc. that they were drawn to for the taste. In about 4 days there was a significant shift. I felt these horses systems wanted the nutrition that they were finding in Wild Fed. I could feel the value they were getting. The contrast was stunning. The intelligence behind the creation of this feed is founded in the intelligence of nature and the natural way that horses will graze providing the diversity of nutrition they require for their bodies. I watched the glow of the skin, the fitness, brightness, overall health enhance and increase as time went on. Adding maca to Sunna’s diet was the BOMB! Having eaten maca myself as a super food for years I was very familiar with the power boost that this ancient food provides. This mare was an unstoppable, graceful, moving system, undaunted by any of the physical challenges that she was presented over this 800 mile journey. I grew up in Western Canada and took care of some of our Olympic Three Day Event horses and know high levels of wellness, fitness and vibrancy in horses, this Mustang was at and above that level. Like humans, our nutritional choices and lifestyle feed the foundational roots of our overall wellbeing, physical, mental and emotional, all of which our beasts experience.

We are profoundly grateful to Stephanie and her father, the creators of Wild Fed, for seeing and believing in what we are doing on our mission of upholding sustainability on all levels of creation and celebrating Nature and all living creatures through the connection to ‘Wild’. 

A note about our Endurance Formula: "I found such a huge difference while using Wild Fed’s Maca Endurance supplement for my horses on my last 800 mile expedition along the Arizona Trail the trail.  Maca is an ancient superfood from the Andes Mountains.  It has been known as the Peruvian ginseng and has phenomenal health benefits, including energy enhancement.  It kept Sunna’s energy levels balanced and high, so that by the end of a 30 mile day on difficult trail she would still be good to go.  I would highly recommend this to endurance riders, and anyone who wants to upkeep or boost energy levels or nutrition in their animals diet.  Big thank you from Riding Wild!"

~Lisè Gottwald



"Hi! Just wanted to update you on your feed since we have been feeding our old guy your stuff. He GALLOPED today. Like without us asking him to. The most he’s ever given us since we adopted him is a walk, trot and sometimes an annoyed canter. I think it’s cause his old feed diet was all the WRONG types of calories. It has been the fastest we ever seen him move. All the people at the barn commented on that was the first time Diesel had ever acted so “young”"

~Christine Kao




"Sandi (pronounced Saundee), at the beginning of May. Still has some winter coat too." 


"June 21st on 6 lbs. His mane was becoming coarse, dull, and frizzy before. It responded and started changing almost immediately. He's incredibly soft all over!!! I haven't seen him look this good in years!  He's becoming the horse that I used to know! Neighs when he sees me coming; super loving; and interested again! He's been almost desperately food focused for years. You've saved my Sandi's life!!! Thank you immensely!!! You are a Godsend!!!"

~Jacqui Dussex


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