We are glad you found us! We would love to work with you to get Wild Fed feed into you area.  We typically do better in smaller independent stores who carry high end feeds and offer good customer service. 

Feed stores want to see that there are several interested customers before committing to purchasing a new feed as we have a 1 pallet (50 bags) minimum. 

These are our recommendations for steps to take in order to get our feed into your area:

1.  We can send you a package with 10 samples of the feed so you can test it on your horse/horses and see if they like it first. Also, If you have any friends that you think might be interested in the feed, you can give them a sample and brochure. If we can get 3 customers interested in the feed we have a shot of getting the feed into your area. 

2. If your horses like the feed and you know one or two other people who are interested in trying the feed then we will need your help to find the right store. The store should carry some other high end feeds, non-GMO feeds or organic feeds. 

3. Next, either call the feed store or go in person ask to speak with the manager and request that they carry our feed. If your friends are interested in the feed ask them to do the same. If the store first gets customer requests, they are more likely to speak with us. We can then follow up with a call and explain the benefits of our feed.

We will check our database and see if we have had more requests from your area as well.

If you would like us to send samples, please email us the best mailing address at info@wildfedhorse.com

Also include the name and contact information of the store that you would like to carry our products.