Event for Horse Lovers, "In the Spirit of Horse"

Event for Horse Lovers, "In the Spirit of Horse"

in the spirit of horse event

Wild Fed Horse and Samantha Wellspring are so excited to be a part of the upcoming event "In the Spirit of Horse". It will be a unique opportunity to bring together those who love horses and to learn more about the deep connection between humans and their horses. We hope you'll join us for this event!

Here's a bit more information from Mosie Trewhitt and you can click below to register!

During this 3-day event, guests of the podcast “In the Spirit of Horse” will share their knowledge, experience, & expertise via talks & demos on everything horse related! We are aspiring to create a space where the listeners of the podcast, like-minded horse lovers, come to share knowledge, build community, and deepen the connection between horse & human.

Topics include: ethical horsemanship practices, science-based and Positive Reinforcement training, horse health & welfare, deepening & strengthening horse/human relationships, and more!


I am SO Excited to announce this event! Hosting the Podcast, "In the Spirit of Horse" has connected me to my equine community unlike anything else - it has brought me together with so many like-minded horse lovers. I am so grateful for all the guests and listeners of the podcast - you have all made me feel more supported than ever before as I continue to explore of the nature of the horse/human relationship.

When reflecting on all the blessings I've received through this podcast at the end of the year, I realized how invaluable this community has become for me and how much I wanted to see this community realized in person. Now it's happening!

Guys, I cannot WAIT to meet you! I hope you can come share this experience with us and join up with your fellow herd members for an exciting weekend! Whether you can attend or not, we are all here to support you!

Early Bird Registration is Open!

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Labor Day Weekend 2019
August 31st - September 2nd
9am-5pm each day


Ojai, Southern California

Speakers for the Summit Include:

Kathy Sierra - Co-Creator of Intrizen, Teaching Motivation and Movement Science to Empower Horses

Adele Shaw – Horse Trainer & Founder/Director of The Willing Equine

Tara Davis – Horse Woman, Equine Facilitator, Student of the Horse & Voice of Unbridled Goddess

Samantha Wellspring – Naturopathic Doctor, Herbalist and CEO of Wild Fed

Frida Riebel – Horse Trainer & Head Manager/Trainer of A Little Rescue, Nonprofit

Nina Polo – Yoga & Meditation Teacher,Co-Founder of Voices of the Herd, Wild Horse Sanctuary

Cassandra Ogier – Founder-Director of The Reflective Horse

Katie Berman – Founder of Kataluna Horsemanship & Kataluna Horse Rescue

Mosie Trewhitt – Horsewoman of Liberty Horsemanship & Co-Founder of Voices of the Herd, Wild Horse Sanctuary

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