I was inspired to create this feed because of my first love, my horse Shadow. He joined our family when we both were 10 years old. Just before his 30th birthday, his teeth were so worn down that he started choking on hay and was no longer able to hold his weight eating just hay. I needed to add calories with something easily digestible but also had a high nutrient value to support his aging body. The senior feeds on the market contained undesirable industry by-products such as peanut hulls, soybean meal, beet pulp, rice bran as well as sweeteners and synthetic nutrients.

Sam and her main man Shadow at age 20 and age 32, Winter 2013

I decided to create my own all natural horse feed for Shadow. At the time, I was in medical school studying to be a Naturopathic Physician which reinforced my belief in the healing power of nature. I felt that the key to designing an amazing feed, was observing what horses would naturally eat, when grazing in open fields. I spent hours with Shadow and my other horse, Shya, while they grazed in the pasture and observed the types of grasses and herbs they sought out.

This feed is designed to mimic how horses would naturally eat, hence the name Wild Fed. It is formulated for horses of any age young or old and meets the daily required nutritional needs. It can be used as a primary feed source or in addition to your feeding regimen to add easily digestible calories.

Although Shadow was no longer able to eat hay, he loved his Wild Fed Horse Feed, which was his primary food source for over 5yrs. It kept him looking and feeling great until his recent passing at age 35. RIP Shadow thank you for being my inspiration.



Designing nature-inspired and research-backed products for horses and dogs.

Received her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine at the National College of Natural Medicine in 2016

Wildcrafter, formulator of botanical based medicinals, and educator on plant identification.