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2023 Wild Fed Horse Photo Contest Winners

Celebrating Excellence: Winners of the 5th Annual Wild Fed Horse Photo Contest!

The 5th Annual Wild Fed Horse Photo Contest was an incredible showcase of the beauty, diversity, and deep bonds that exist between humans and their equine companions. We were overwhelmed by the quality and heartwarming stories behind each entry. Today, we're thrilled to announce and celebrate our contest winners:

1st Place Winner: Katie Berman and Budderball 📸🥇 Katie Berman's energetic photo of her and her horse Budderball splashing through the water captured the essence of the wild spirit within every horse. Budderball, a 22-year-old Draft Cross, hails from Fall City, WA, and is fueled by Wild Fed's nutrition. We're inspired by Katie's dedication to horse rescue and her love for Wild Fed. Congratulations on your well-deserved win, Katie!

2nd Place Winner: Elsa Janney and Dakota 📸🌟 Elsa Janney and her BLM mustang, Dakota, showcased the incredible bond between humans and wild horses. Dakota's coy look in such a dramatic and real setting made this photo a winner.

Best Testimonial Winner: Sarah Rivers and Tiamo's Brynhild 📸🏆 Sarah Rivers and her remarkable Hanoverian mare, Tiamo's Brynhild, took home the Best Testimonial award. Sarah's heartfelt words about how Wild Fed has transformed Bryn's life and performance touched our hearts. From dressage competitions to beach rides, Bryn thrives with Wild Fed's nutrition. Sarah, your dedication and inspiring journey are truly commendable.

Honorable Mention: Sylvia Sitters and Mocha 📸🌟 Sylvia Sitters and her horse Mocha received an Honorable Mention for their captivating participation in a women's healing circle. Mocha, a 6-year-old rescue with an unknown breed, adds a unique and powerful energy to this session in Comfort, Texas. We appreciate Sylvia for sharing this heartwarming photo with us.

Honorable Mention: Sarah Ramsey and Tuck 📸🌟 Sarah Ramsey and her 12-year-old Rocky Mountain horse, Tuck, earned an Honorable Mention for their loyalty to Wild Fed. Sarah's testimonial about the healthy glow that Wild Fed has brought to her boys speaks volumes about Wild Fed's quality and benefits. It's why we do what we do.

Reader’s Choice Award: This category is voted on by you, our reader’s, and we agree that these three horses are beauties! The winning photo of Sephera (15, Paint), Cinda (27, Quarter Horse), Nugget (27, Arabian Mix) was submitted by Sherry White of Louisville Kentucky and surely illustrates the health and vitality of these three horses. Sherry says that her horses are ‘Running wild for Wild Fed feed!”, and we love seeing these gorgeous horses thriving on our feed!

We want to express our heartfelt thanks to all participants in this year's contest. Your love for your horses and Wild Fed's dedication to equine nutrition have created a community that we're proud to be a part of.

If you missed the contest, join us next year as we continue to celebrate the beauty of horses and their flourishing health with Wild Fed. 

Thank you all for making the 5th Annual Wild Fed Horse Photo Contest a resounding success! 🥂🐎📸