The Real Story About Clover for Horses

The Real Story About Clover for Horses

Have you heard that clover is not safe for horses? This is only a half-truth...

Clover is a wonderful nutritious herb rich in antioxidants which help to neutralize toxic chemicals, it helps to balance hormones and keep blood thin, reducing the risk of blood clots.

There are two major concerns with clover:

1. Aslike Clover is toxic to horses. Please see the images below to learn how to identify this beautiful but toxic clover. This clover looks very similar to red clover with some key differences. When consumed it can cause photosensitivity and liver toxicity.

2. Red clover can grow powdery mildew caused by a fungus. When horses eat the red clover with the powdery mildew it causes them to drool. This condition is called "Slobbers" The fungus is most prevalent in late summer and early fall when nights are damp and cool and days are warm and dry.

Clover fixes nitrogen. This means clovers are able to take nitrogen out of the air and put it into the soil. This is not something all plants are capable of. Nitrogen helps the soil to have more nutrient value and thus clover is a very valuable addition to any healthy pasture. Plus horses love the taste of it. The key is to get rid of the Aslike clover and when you notice your red clover gets mildew you can mow it down.