Consultations and Custom Herbal Formulations

I have decided to offer custom herbal formulations with consultation. I would love to help you bring your horse back into better health through herbs. Sometimes pre-made formulas are not always the right fit for whatever is going on with your furry friend. By creating a custom formula for your horse we can target exactly what he/she needs to get back into balance. 

Initial consult- $140 includes a 30 min phone consultation and a 1lb custom herbal formulation

Follow-up $90

Custom Herbal Formulation refill- $60

Dr. Samantha Aaylah Wellspring is an herbalist and licensed Naturopathic Doctor in Durango, CO. She specializes in gastrointestinal, autoimmune disease and hormone balancing in her human patients. She has a passion for horses and started Wild Fed in 2013 creating an non GMO horse feed as well as line of Organic Herbal Supplements. She is not a Veterinarian. Please consult with your veterinarian for medical advice.

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