Wild Fed Photo Contest Winners!

Wild Fed Photo Contest Winners!

Announcing Wild Fed’s 1st Place Photo Contest winner, Lucinda Vett, and horse, Te Amo! This photo reveals the beauty of this Sulphur Springs Mustang; brilliant! Te Amo is a 6-year-old Gelding. We loved this story so much as this horse embodies the Wild Fed Philosophy. Lucinda writes, “When I first adopted Te Amo from the BLM, he didn’t know what to make of the food. Wild Fed was the first thing, other than hay, that I could coax him to eat. It’s still a favorite!” Lucinda’s pic captured all our attention with the rich contrast of cream and black in Te Amo’s coat and mane. Te Amo’s health & spirit radiate from this photo and we all saw it! Thank you Lucinda & Te Amo! We would like to take a moment to also thank everyone who participated in the Wild Fed Photo Contest. This is our favorite time of the year as we get to hear from many of our satisfied customers and learn more about the animals that are thriving because of Wild Fed.

2nd Place Photo Contest winner, Barbara Johnson, and horse, Bunny! The youthful gait of this stunning, 2.5-year-old, Arabian rings through this photo by Barbara Johnson. Barbara writes of her beloved horse, “Since in utero, my baby has been getting Wild Fed…Look at him at now. Thank you!” Other fun facts about this gorgeous animal, his caretaker calls him Bunny, but he prefers to be called Q because he is truly not a baby anymore. Barbara writes of this animal’s coat, and we agree, “I trust the purity of the ingredients, my horses have flourished on this food. They are healthy, happy & their coats are beautiful.” We could not help but notice Q’s, “spring in the step.” His gait appears joyful and with ease. We look forward to watching Q grow and helping caretakers like Barbara Johnson raise horses that look to our products for their health & vitality.

3rd Place Photo Contest winner, Megumi Cusick, and horse, Gumi Bear! This 10-year-old Walsh Pony/Morgan mix has a wonderful story of healing that reminded founder, Samantha Wellspring, of her own journey with her beloved horse, Shadow. Gumi Bear’s keeper, Megumi, writes, “When I got my horse 3 years ago, she suffered from Cushing’s Disease. Since using Wild Fed products, her ACTH is slowly going down. I do not want to give her any junk pallets anymore. Wild Fed is it!”

Honorable Mentions

We loved the connection & visual vibrance of horse, Lasting Kiss, and keeper Naima Chaves Scheraga. This 5-year-old Oldenburg mare is truly special. Naima writes, “Lasting Kiss is a dream come true for me because my lifelong passion is dressage; she was gifted to me by childhood hero Hilda Gurney and she is a horse perfectly fit to me. I have never had such an opportunity to have a partnership like Kiss and mine.”
Ellie Martin’s photo of horse, George, starkly contrasted the landscape revealing a sense of, “wild.” This 14-year-old Kentucky Mountain gelding is stunning. Ellie shares, “I love the ingredients especially the last two of love and prayers!”
We could feel the motion in this 10-year-old gelding Percheron/Paint thoroughbred, Watson, through the glowing meadow image provided by guardian Joanne Wolnik. We are so happy to hear Joanne confirm our intentions with Wild Fed as she wrote, “Watson lives naturally on pasture, I love feeding him Wild Fed to make sure he’s getting everything he needs in this foraging diet.” And we agree!
We want to connect with your friends in the horse community! Please take a moment to share these excellent photos so we can connect with more guardians in need of Wild Fed. We appreciate our customers, their dreams and intentions & their animals’ care above all else.